Making a Difference

Officer/Youth Scholarship Program

In this area, your community contributions have allowed officers to select and award scholarships to literally hundreds of deserving youth.  These funds for registration or equipment have given kids the ability to participate in sports and community activities.  There is no doubt that the recognition and the participation has made a positive difference in the lives of many young people in Upland.  Officers also realize the befit of increased support and interaction with the parents and families they encounter on daily calls. 


The Foundation has more than 20 community liaisons form organizations who are assigned to specific Upland Police Officers.  These representatives contact their assigned Officer and recommend youth for scholarships.  They include organizations such as Children’s Hope, Upland High School, AYSO, Upland American Little League, and Pop Warner.  Jason Sgrignoli is our Youth Director.  He meets with the liaisons, officers, youth, and families to insure the program’s success.
The many heart-warming thank you letters from young people and their parents/guardians are proof that your donations are impacting lives!